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Gender Affirming Therapy

My practice provides services related to gender transition. These services include:  1) assessment/letter writing services for those actively pursuing medical interventions, and 2) therapy to explore gender affirming interventions, (social transition, coming out, hormone therapy, surgery). I am competent and comfortable assessing those with binary and non-binary identities, as well as "non-typical" transition journeys. Individuals who choose to work with me are often seeking someone with a lived experience similar to theirs.

 My practice is focused on supporting trans and nonbinary people in navigating issues specifically related to these identities. Typical topics that I can support you with include:

  • Exploration of gender identity, including non-binary/gender expansive identities

  • Moving past negative thought patterns associated with transition.

  • Connection to local resources and  support networks

  • Processing feelings that may arise before, during, or after gender transition

  • Supportive therapy to explore pros and cons of medical interventions, (hormone replacement therapy, surgery, hormone blockers for children)

  • Letters of support for hormones or gender reassignment surgery

I am focusing on providing short-term transition specific counseling to transgender people. I no longer provide long-term, supportive therapy for general therapeutic concerns, such as anxiety/depression. I also supervise associate therapists who provide queer and trans affirming therapy, and general therapeutic support for LGBTQIA+ people. Check out to learn more about our general therapy practice. 

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