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Having grown-up as a queer, trans, non-binary person in Humboldt County, I have first hand experience of how challenging it can be to try to find an affirming therapist in our rural community.  I am proud to be able to provide competent and affirming counseling services to individuals, couples, and relationship groupings, as they navigate gender transition, sexuality, and family relationships in Humboldt County.​


I create a non-judgmental, empowering therapeutic space for you to realize your own strengths in navigating the world as LGBTQIA+ person, so that you can embrace your whole self and live authentically


I have 17 years experience working within the non-profit and human services sector in Humboldt County with particular focus on gender, sexual health, addiction, and youth issues. I am committed to bringing an awareness of intersectionality to my counseling work, and acknowledge the way oppression and racism affect emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.


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